Ages of beauty project / 2024-2025

Ages of Beauty: Preserving Cultural Stories of Quebec’s Elders


“Ages of Beauty,” a groundbreaking project aimed at capturing and preserving the stories of Quebec’s diverse elderly population. Focusing on individuals aged 75 and above from various cultural backgrounds, living alone or in senior homes, this project seeks to celebrate the rich tapestry of life experiences that have shaped Quebec’s cultural landscape.

*Project Overview:*

– *Duration:* The project will span two years.

The first year will focus on interviewing and writing short stories for approximately 40 elders, culminating in the publication of an illustrated book.

The second year will involve selecting 6-10 individuals for a short documentary film.

– *Purpose:* “Ages of Beauty” aims to achieve two primary goals: 

  1. *Preservation of Cultural Heritage:* By documenting the life stories of the elderly, we seek to honor their experiences and heritage, contributing to a deeper understanding of Quebec’s multicultural identity.

  2. *Promotion of Mental Health:* Through the act of storytelling, we hope to provide a therapeutic outlet for the elderly, allowing them to express and share their memories, thus enhancing their mental well-being.



– *Interview Process:* A dedicated writer and illustrator will conduct interviews lasting 40 minutes to one hour with each participant, capturing their stories and personalities.

– *Story Selection:* From a pool of collected stories, approximately 40-50 will be chosen for inclusion in the illustrated book.

– *Book Production:* The first-year budget includes costs for coordination, writing, illustration, graphic design, printing, and distribution of the book.


We are currently seeking a grant to help fund this exciting new project! If you’d like to help, or would like more information, please get in touch with us at