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Corporate or individual donations

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so by cheque, as a legacy gift, or by any other type of contribution. An income tax receipt will be issued.

Tribute or in memorial contributions

The person or family to whom you wish to honour will receive, on behalf of the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada, a personalized card indicating, if desired, the amount of your donation. As a donor, an income tax receipt will be issued in your name.

Planned donations

A planned donation would be advisable if you wish to be remembered, or donate items, without affecting your financial situation. This allows you or your estate to take advantage of certain financial benefits. Here are different ways of making planned donations:

• Estate donation: donated income from capital or property, as a percentage of your estate, or in the form of a residual legacy gift.
• Stocks: a donation that provides important financial advantages.
• Life insurance: a great way to make an essential donation.
• Additional forms of donation: trust fund, REER, FERR, etc.

All donations to the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada can be made:


4950 Queen Mary, Suite 001 Montreal, Quebec. Canada. H3W 1X4

The Charity’s registration number: 82842 3830 RR0001

NEQ: 1168353978
N D’identification: 1219154166

Bank account: 01251 001 8987599 (BMO Branch: 5353 Chemin Queen Mary,Montreal,QC. H3W 1V2)

For any additional information please contact:

Mr. Mark-Anthony Timeliadis Director Creative Arts Foundation of Canada at 438-8850769, or at


Get more advantages by becoming a member. Choose from 3 levels of membership:

Bronze Membership (30$ annual fee):
Bronze members benefit from free online art competitions. Plus, receive all the news about our upcoming events. Bronze members will only be charged a 15% commission for all their artworks sold through us.

Silver Membership (50$ annual fee):
Silver members get all the advantages of a bronze membership plus get to have two pages in our annual artbook dedicated to their artworks.

Gold Membership(100$ annual fee):
Gold members get all the advantages of a silver member plus free participation to our annual exhibitions. Furthermore, gold members get a reduced commission fee of 10% for all artworks sold through us.

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