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Math Fiction

Ongoing. Our current project, brought to you by the CAFC in partnership with TD Bank, focuses on promoting math literacy by making arithmetic both approachable and interesting. A talented group of young writers has come together to create this anthology of short stories incorporating a variety of mathematical concepts in fun new ways. Coming soon to a bookshelf near you!

For more information on the Math Fiction project, click here.

Final Boarding Call by Jinwen Zhang

Art and storytelling marry seamlessly in this stunning creative work. Through Zhang’s eyes, the reader experiences a visual world composed mainly of black and white, making use of texture, balance, contrast, and sense of space. Together with a patchwork of poetry, prose, and epistolary elements, these images conduct the reader through a beautiful, poignant dreamscape. 

The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada (CFAC) is proud to support emerging young Canadian artists like Zhang so that they may have the opportunity to share their fresh creative vision.

Check out Final Boarding Call by Jinwen Zhang here.

Artventures: Stories for children, by children

The first of our exciting collaborative projects from 2023, Artventures: Stories for children, by children  gives our courageous and creative young participants the opportunity to share their imaginations with the world.  The CAFC is very proud to present this collection of illustrated stories by the next generation of storytellers.

Find Artventures: Stories for children, by children, here.

While the project is now closed, you may still find more information here.


It Will Be Fine

We are honoured to present the 100 most original, inspiring, and thoughtful illustrations and texts selected from hundreds of young artists across Canada. In this multimedia collection, you will find a glimpse into the imagination of children and teenagers as facing the second year of the coronavirus pandemic. Each age group was provided different criteria, requiring them to express their observations, critically analyse a problem, and provide innovative solutions.

The CAFC is proud to play a part in the education of the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers, providing them opportunities to develop their creative thinking. No matter what the future holds, we’re in good hands.

Find the book here.

Feel free to browse our virtual gallery showcasing the participants’ work here

For more information about the It Will Be Fine project, click here.

Growing Pains by Angel Wu

Angel Wu’s anthology of poems conveys a complex tapestry of emotions that relates to young adults struggling with depression. Wu’s vulnerability turns the tables on sadness and isolation. By courageously sharing these feelings with the world, we are all brought closer together.

The CAFC is committed to promoting the importance of mental health and worked closely with Wu to make her voice heard. For anyone suffering: you are not alone.

Find Growing Pains by Angel Wu here.


Creative Adventures: Drawing Projects for Young Children

In this coursebook, children will learn to develop their creative thinking through these drawing exercises. The art of mastering pencils, pens and markers is one of the main themes of Creative Adventures. From beginners to more advanced young artists, this book will be a useful tool for learning to choose the right drawing solution. 

This book is not only suitable for students aged 8 to 12 years old, but also a convenient teaching material for art teachers. It equally serves as a reference book to parents to aid them in guiding their children to communicate effectively and think critically.

Find more information here, and check out the book here.


The Quarantine Diaries

Our 2020 project in collaboration with the Chamandy Foundation invited young writers to share their unique stories about life in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. The diary entries of 9 young Canadians were selected for the final publication of The Quarantine Diaries: Anya Figlarz-Grassino, Roselyne Du, Edward Kovac, Alice Rassolova, Chiara Bramante, Elyar Aghapour, Mardonbek Hamro, Rohan Sengupta, and Camilla Tornero-Moreno. Each entry was then illustrated by professional artists in a variety of styles suited for each diverse point of view.

While lockdown may have felt like a period of total stagnation, our bright young writers prove that a flower can bloom even in confinement. We know you will love The Quarantine Diaries, which is available for purchase here.

For more information about The Quarantine Diaries project, click here.

Lemon Child by Shilin Zhang

An enchanting debut by Shilin Zhang, that combines themes of compassion, growth and the family you choose. A tale candid, heartwarming and bittersweet as a lemon!

Check it out here!


From Mind to Line: Instructions for a Fruitful Imagination

Does the blank canvas intimidate you? Are you not sure where to start or how to execute your vision? From Mind to Line: Instructions for a Fruitful Imagination aims to inspire ideas in those who underestimate the possibilities of instruction-driven creativity, with technical knowledge on the side for those who hesitate about certain aspects of constructive drawing.

We are currently working on a second edition of this book. Feel free to contact us at info@cafccanada.org if you’d like to purchase a copy of the first edition.

Whimsical Worlds: Drawing Projects for Young Children

The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada created this book for art instructors and parents looking to inspire their children aged 4 to 7.

Artistic creativity is an inherent skill that each and every person is capable of discovering within themselves as they begin to explore art. This book encourages children to play and discover with projects covering the fundamental elements of art in a fun way.

For more information, click here. Find the book here.


Rose in Montreal by Roselyn Du

In this colourfully illustrated book dedicated to exploring the multicultural tapestry of Montreal, Du tells her story about the city she calls home.

Available in English and French, Rose in Montreal book was heartily approved by our mayor, Valérie Plante! 

Rose in Montreal is available for purchase here.