Book project in 2021-2022

The CAFC is proud to announce that the “It will be fine!” is now open to all Canadians aged 5 to 17 years old. Candidates are to sign up by September 31,  2021 11:59PM. We welcome all students regardless of their backgrounds and their disabilities. We even suggest that art instructors from all kinds of schools collaborate with us to make it a success. 

About “It will be fine!”: 

Using their creative artistic and writing skills, children and teenagers will apply their heart and mind on finding a solution to one of the many psychological and social impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their solution will be expressed through writing and art. Candidates can select their theme based on their age group: 

  • Ages 5-8: Create an artwork and write an accompanying one sentence about who you think was a hero during the pandemic and why
  • Ages 9-11: Create an artwork and write an accompanying paragraph of less than 100 words that expresses your creative solution to protect our environment and prevent the spread of pandemics.
  • Ages 12-14: Create an artwork and write an accompanying paragraph of less than 100 words about a new technology you would propose to improve people’s living conditions during a future pandemic.
  • Ages 15-17: Create an artwork and write an accompanying paragraph of less than 100 words that provides a solution to improving mental health during a time of crisis

Selection criteria:

  • Candidates must be  Canadian citizens or permanent residents aged 5 to 17 years old and currently residing in Canada;
  • The artwork and text must demonstrate creativity while respecting the topic;
  • If a student is selected, they agree to forfeit all copyright to the submitted artwork and text. Full copyright shall be reserved to the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada. 

If you are selected:

Candidates who are selected will be notified by email no later than October 5, 2021. Those selected will have their artwork and text published in an illustrated book. If necessary, The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada reserves the right to edit student’s text to fit in the book. Their works will also be exhibited in a physical and virtual gallery. The selected candidates will receive a certificate of participation, a copy of the book and a souvenir. 

How to apply: 

Please send us a copy of your text, a clear scan (300 dpi) or a picture of your artwork along with a text that explains creative process,  the medium used and the materials chosen to the following email: by September 31, 2021 11:59 pm. In the email, please make sure to state the candidate’s full name, date of birth, full home address, the school they attend, email.