Competition- Art for peace 

Our new art competition is on it’s way!

A world filled with peace and love is at the center of our concerns at the Foundation. We are therefore excited to launch this new competition: this opportunity concerns all young people who wish to express themselves on the subject of peace and war.


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Our book – It Will Be Fine has been published!

We are honoured to present our new book, It Will Be Fine where- a coming together and showcasing of talented youth across Canada as we explore the promotion of mental health during the pandemic.


It Will be Fine – View our Virtual Exhibition!

We’re happy to showcase our book exhibition. Thanks to everyone’s hard work we put together an amazing collection of meaningful artwork!



It Will Be Fine! – Book Project 2021

We’re putting together an exciting new book that showcases the creativity and talent of our youth! The topic this time is: What solutions can we find to combat the social and psychological impact of Covid-19?

Find out what our youth has come up with! We think you’ll find a world full of heart and soul in this latest book!


New Art Course Book! – 2021

We’ve made a new art coursebook!

The aim of Creative Adventures is to guide the learner through a journey of exploration and imagination, all while developing their drawing skills. With 26 projects, this book gives the perfect foundation for any beginner’s art practice!




Tell Your Story – Book Project 2020!

The Quarantine Diaries has been finished!

We’ve asked high school students across Canada for their stories about their struggles and worries and we’ve learned a lot through their experiences. Through their laughter, heartache, and insecurities, we can see that we are not so alone in our struggles are we might believe. 



Lemon child by Shilin Zhang has been published!


An enchanting debut by Shilin Zhang, that combines themes of nurture,
compassion, growth and the family you choose.
A tale candid, heartwarming and bittersweet as a lemon!

westount Independent

Westmount Independent published an article about two Westmount winners of the quarantine essay contest.

Congratulations our winners !

  • 5-8 years old. 1st Prize Jin Yu Zhou (Agnes), 2nd Prize Bogdan Jurjiu, 3rd Prize Wuheng Tang (Felix)
  • 9-11 years old. 1st Prize Maria Felicity Tejada, 2nd Prize Hanyue Liu
  • 12-14 years old. 1st Prize YiRan Xie
  • 15-17 years old. 1st Prize Emma Wang, 2nd Prize Maria Angelica Tejada, 3rd Prize Gaelle Labreque

A Letter From The Mayoress

After receiving the book “Rose à Montréal”, the mayoress sent us a thank you letter .



International Art Competition 2020 My Portrait


Theme: Know yourself to improve yourself. This year’s competition will give children and teenagers a chance to explore who they are by drawing a self-portrait. To help you get started, here are some questions to think about: Who are you? How do others perceive you? What are your dreams? What makes you the beautiful individual that you are? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How can you be a better person?


Book 2019 From Mind to Line


This book hopes to inspire ideas in those who underestimate the possibilities of instruction-driven creativity while giving some technical knowledge on the side for those who hesitate about certain aspects of constructive drawing.



Book 2019 Whimsical Worlds


The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada created this book for art instructors looking to inspire their children and for parents wishing to share a passion for the arts with their child.


2019 Art Competition

Pollution is threatening our planet; it’s time to imagine better solutions to combat global warming. The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada cordially invites children between the ages of 9 and 17 from the four corners of the world to imagine how to make their city more environmentally friendly …




The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada and Carlyle Elementary School collaborate in the MY CITY MY LIFE project in which art and language are combined to create a student’s illustrated story book…


2017 Youth Public Speaking Conference


A 3-Day Weekend Retreat in the Eastern Townships to Perfect the Art of Public Speaking …



The Multicultural project “Khonga Kaft in Montreal”

The Multicultural project “Khonga Kaft in Montreal” is a short film that arranges a meeting of two very different cultures that have little awareness of each other’s existence…



Art Exhibition 2016

…It was such a great success that the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau personally wrote us a letter to congratulate us! …


“Rose at Montreal” published


“Rose at Montreal” published in 2016. To order a copy of “Rose in Montréal” please contact us at



2015 International Art Competition Winners

Winners of the 8-10 age category…


2014 Creative Arts Exhibition


The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada organized a creative arts exhibition on the theme of “My Neighbourhood”. The 4-day event took place at a Westmount antiques and arts gallery from December 5th to 8th…



2013 Creative Arts Exhibition

The exhibition was held at the Montreal Art Centre on December 21st 2013. The purpose of this exhibition was to showcase the talent of our young eager students and artists.The event exhibited 392 artworks from children of different ages.



2013 Christmas – Themed Creative Drawing Contest Winners

Winners of the ages 4-6 category:…


2012 Creative Arts Exhibition

The exhibition was held at the Montreal Art Centre on December 8th 2012. The purpose of this exhibition was to showcase the talent of our young eager students and artists. The event exhibited 269 artworks from children of different ages…