Creative Arts Foundation of Canada

2014 Arts Exhibition Fully Accomplished

The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada organized a creative arts exhibition on the theme of “My Neighbourhood”. The 4-day event took place at a Westmount antiques and arts gallery from December 5th to 8th. Featuring more than 271 artworks from adult and child artists, as well as more than 114 styles of children’s Christmas cards, this year’s exhibition was truly a testament to the creativity within our different communities. The foundation’s exhibitions are there to encourage artistic innovation. The many forms and colours of this creativity has left us all with many stories to tell. 

This year, featured artworks were organized in two age groups: 8-11 years and 12-16 years. Winners from both groups received the Creativity Prize. Our VIP judges were Claude Gosselin from the Montreal International Contemporary Arts Centre; Dr. Peter Rist from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema; and artists Roxanna, Maria, Diane, and Martin.

Winners of the 8-11 years category (10 places) are Alice Liang, Jenny Feng, Elaine Wang, Emma Wang, Rui Wang, Paul Ye, Lisa Chen, Cynthia Chen, Nerissa Lu, and Gabriel Ye. Those of the 12-16 years category (4 places) are Dingrong Tao, Lincoln G. Macadangdang, Xuefei Ren, and Xinyue Feng.

All artworks were on sale during our evening fundraiser. We thank all those who have contributed to our cause through their donations. Namely, we would like to thank Sunlife, Robert Ye, Dapeng Wang, BMO, Virginio, Denis, Paramount Study, DeSerre, Ruoli Li, Yongxin Lou, Yu Hu, Wei Du, Ping Li, Qiurong Chen, Yingbo Wu, Ana Mariaud, and Roselyne Du for their support.

This year, we would like to give a special thanks to Chenglin Shan from the Chinese Consulate General of Montreal for their donation of Chinese language and culture books to the young Quebec students learning Chinese.

We also thank our volunteers whose efforts made the event possible. A big thanks goes out to Ping Li, Yan Huo, Ping Wu, Yu Hu, Limei Wang, Fanyu Liu, George Young and Mark Anthony for all their hard work.