Making a donation to the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada

If you would like to donate to the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada to help support creative education and youth mental health, click here.

Your donation will help us provide a platform for children and young artists to express themselves. The CAFC seeks to develop these opportunities by collaborating with creators to produce art in all its many forms, and to bring the young creative community together by hosting events, conferences, and gallery showings. Your support makes all this possible.

From paintings to poetry, your support allows us to continue to showcase young artists’ work and foster a community of meaningful self-expression.  Some of our recent projects, made possible thanks to you, include our Illuminate Youth Mental Health program, our upcoming Math Fiction book, and a host of other marvellous publications made in collaboration with a diverse group of young creatives.

If you would like more information about the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada and our cause, feel free to contact us at

How to donate:


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By mail:


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The Charity’s registration number: 82842 3830 RR0001

NEQ: 1168353978
N D’identification: 1219154166

Bank account: 01251 001 8987599 (BMO Branch: 5353 Chemin Queen Mary, Montreal, QC. H3W 1V2)


Send us an email at or give us a call at 438-885-0769. Our director, Mark-Anthony Timeliadis, would love to hear from you!