Maya Penzlik

Maya Penzlik is a talented artist and illustrator residing in Montreal. She creates beautiful, whimsical paintings featuring colorful characters and dreamy landscapes that are full of life and magic. Maya draws inspiration from her dreams, cherished childhood memories, and her desire to explore new and exciting places. Her work is also influenced by the special moments she shares with her daughter, Eva.


Kirill Fessenko

Born in Moscow, Russia; residing in Montreal, Canada from an early age. Bachelor’s degree in Concordia University in film animation and linguistics. Author of animated and live-action shorts that enjoy modest success at film festivals.


Katie Paglialunga

Katie Paglialunga is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal, Canada. Katie’s work is fantastical, magical and psychedelic. Her works frequently play with the ideas of duality, adulthood verses childhood and the travels in-between and back and forth. Katie finds calmness in forests and will often catch herself soothing away life’s troubles by painting nature with an otherworldly twist.

Xenia Rassolova

Xenia is a Montreal-based illustrator and art teacher with a DEC in Illustration and Design from Dawson College, a BFA in Film Animation from Concordia University and an unstoppable passion for fairytales.

Xenia is a gifted illustrator who employs a stunning and intricate style, with a keen eye for detail. Her portfolio includes over 10 successful book illustrations that have received high praise.

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Hanna Zahorna was born and educated in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she studied art and worked as a graphic designer for many years while continuing to paint.

Hanna’s artistic interests range from landscapes and cityscapes to portraits and abstract works.

In 2017, she moved to Montreal and found inspiration in the unique beauty of this city.

Hanna’s focus has shifted towards capturing the charm of Montreal’s houses and streets in her paintings. Each building and window has a story to tell, and she strives to convey the mood and atmosphere of these places in her artwork. While the subjects of Hanna’s paintings are not always recognizable, it is the personal impression that matters the most.