About Us

Based in Montréal, Québec, the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada (CAFC) is a non-profit organization that works on creative arts research, on teaching creative thinking, promoting multiculturalism through illustration and storytelling and helping mental health through arts.


To bring the community together through art

CAFC has created a unique learning program which strives to provide opportunities for young people to actively participate in the arts, thereby encouraging them to develop their intellectual and communication skills. Our program encourages the appreciation of art and various cultures in order to create new connections among people and communities.

To promote creativity that improves our living environment

A fruitful imagination allows us to be unique and irreplaceable. Every child has a creative voice that is waiting to be explored. Although schools, institutions and workplaces focus on critical thinking, they sometimes neglect creative thinking to the point that rule following and memorization constrain imagination. However, everyone’s success depends on both.

To treat mental illness through art


By guiding individuals on their creative avenue, we wish for them to achieve a feeling of relief and goodwill. Art should be fun and freeing. As a result, that exploration will lead to a better understanding of themselves. With the infinite nature of art, it is more likely that any person would be able to learn how to cope with mental health issues. At CAFC, we care about mental health and some of our projects are centered around it.

To offer career opportunities for artists to use their skills 

Furthermore, the wellbeing of the community is a big concern. We work hard to bring the community together. Throughout the years, CAFC has offered interesting employment opportunities to artists in Montreal who, in the past, have resorted to taking up menial jobs to make ends meet. We encourage artists by giving them a chance to show their unique talents. Our work has been fulfilling and we are motivated to involve our artistic community even more. For that reason, numerous projects of ours are also helping art teachers and adults to improve their creative mind and their mental health.


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