About Us

Based in Montréal, Canada, the Creative Arts Foundation of Canada (CAFC) is a non-profit organization that works to foster the creative arts in all capacities, particularly focusing on young creators.

Our Mission

To bring the community together through art

The CAFC believes that Canada’s diverse voices are the key to creating art that unifies and transcends.  We have developed enriched learning programs to encourage the appreciation of art and multiculturalism in order to create new connections among people and communities.  Through our programs and events, we provide opportunities for young people to actively participate in the arts, encouraging them to develop their intellectual and interpersonal skills.

To promote creativity that improves our living environment

We seek to encourage innovation by developing the creative voice. A fruitful imagination is unique and irreplaceable, and every individual has a creative vision that is waiting to be explored. Although schools and institutions tend to focus on critical thinking, they sometimes neglect creative thinking to the point where rule-following and memorization constrain imagination. However, our community’s success depends on both. 

To nurture mental well-being through art

Art is not only healing, it is nurturing. We believe that mental health should be proactive, and encouraging self-expression by creative means is one way to understand and connect with our emotions. The CAFC is a committed advocate for mental health, providing art therapy programs for individuals of any age, working closely with creators on projects promoting mental health awareness, and creating opportunities for young people to express themselves.

To offer career opportunities for artists to use their skills 

An artist should be able to make a living with their knowledge and skills. Throughout the years, the CAFC has offered interesting employment opportunities to artists in Montréal who, in the past, have had to find work in other fields to make ends meet. We encourage artists by giving them a chance to showcase their unique talents in our studio space and by educating the next generation of creative voices. Art gives and gives back.

Territorial Acknowledgement

The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada acknowledges that our organization is located on unceded Indigenous lands. We are proud and grateful to be able to promote inclusive creativity on the island of Tiohtià:ke, for which we recognize the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation as stewards. We celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of Montréal and the rest of Canada.

Our Team

Gefei Zhang

Board Chair

Mark-Anthony Timeliadis


Maya Huminskaya


Katie Paglialunga

General Manager

Kirill Fessenko

Board member

Xenia Rassolova

Board member

Sera Kassab

Board member

Will James

Project Manager

Stephanie Berg

Board member