Creative art book for young children 4-7 years old

Whimsical Worlds

The Creative Arts Foundation of Canada created this book for art instructors looking to inspire their children and for parents wishing to share a passion for the arts with their child.

Artistic creativity is an inherent skill that each and every person is capable of discovering within themselves as they begin to explore art. This exploration usually begins during early childhood, a time when learning art through drawing should be done in a fun and engaging way that nurtures a child’s creativity and self-expression.

Keeping in mind the importance of play and imagination for children aged 4 to 7 years old, we have designed engaging projects focused on the following key concepts and techniques:

  • All drawings comprise fundamental elements: dots, lines and shapes
  • All drawings practice principles of design : colour, form, proportions, shape, etc.
  • This book uses art as a way for kids to express themselves
  • The projects experiment with a variety of materials
  • The children will learn to draw with a story in mind, and to create stories about drawings